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Photo courtesy of Karen Kasmauski/MCSP.

February 12th – How to Strengthen Nutrition within the Health Platform: Programmatic Evidence and Experience from Three Countries

Posted February 13, 2019

Nearly every country in the world faces multiple burdens of malnutrition, with at least one in three people globally experiencing malnutrition in some form. While health systems play an important role in the promotion and roll-out of critical nutrition interventions, service delivery at the health facility and community levels are often not at the quality, intensity and/or coverage desired to achieve country and global targets. While globally it is well recognized that interventions should reach those who need it most, the process of how this can be achieved is often not shared, discussed or documented.

On February 12th, MCSP launched their special issue Maternal and Child Nutrition journal supplement “How to Strengthen Nutrition Into the Health Platform: Programmatic Evidence and Experience from Low and Middle Income Countries” at the Kaiser Family Foundation in Washington, DC. The supplement is open access and free to download. A recording of the event is available here and via the window below:

Presenters and attendees discussed evidence and experiences from three countries — Mozambique, Malawi and Tanzania — related to strengthening integration of nutrition into the health platform from a health systems perspective, with a focus on considerations for sustainability and scale-up of nutrition interventions.

Presentations from the featured speakers are linked below:

Maternal and Child Survival Program