Note: MCSP ended in December 2019. No new content is added to this site.
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Monitoring & Evaluation

MCSP helped to develop improved reproductive, maternal, newborn and child health (RMNCH) indicators and practical data collection tools — as well as better processes for measuring, analyzing and visualizing high-impact RMNCH intervention quality and coverage. Our work facilitated community-, facility-, district- and national-level planning and decision-making by:

  • Using data dashboards and scorecards to visualize RMNCH indicator trends;
  • Empowering communities to review and interpret data and participate in decision-making; and
  • Strengthening RMNCH components of national health management information systems by helping to collect complete, high-quality service delivery and other routine data.

The Program focused on data that are useful to countries for decision-making at different levels of the health system, and links measurements of service and intervention expansion with assessments of delivery mechanisms and service quality. MCSP influenced the design of community information modules, introducing new tools and indicators at community and facility levels that generate actionable data, and providing decision support to the health workers and managers who use them. Working with counterparts in select countries, MCSP helped to introduce functional community health information systems and community modules in national District Health Information System 2 programs.

Where consensus is lacking at the global level on priority routine RMNCH metrics (such as in maternal and newborn health), MCSP worked with other global actors on the development of new indicators. The Program in turn worked to pilot test these new metrics through its vast network of country programs to ensure they were feasible to collect, acceptable to local stakeholders, and useful for decision-making and tracking progress toward established targets and goals.

Maternal and Child Survival Program