Note: MCSP ended in December 2019. No new content is added to this site.

Malaria Elimination Readiness in Selected Districts of Madagascar: A Mixed-Methods Assessment

To prepare for the development of an operational plan for malaria elimination in Madagascar, MCSP, in collaboration with the President’s Malaria Initiative and the Ministry of Public Health/National Malaria Control Program, assessed the state of preparedness of the elimination and pre-elimination districts, measured by the operational capacity of health facilities and readiness of the health […]

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Applying the Reaching Every District/Reaching Every Child (RED/REC) approach to strengthen routine immunization in five health districts in Burkina Faso

In 2017, MCSP with Global health Security Agenda (GHSA) funding, began supporting the Burkina Faso Ministry of Health’s (MOH) routine immunization strengthening efforts in five districts of Burkina Faso. A major goal of MCSP’s support was to help the MOH sustain existing successes in routine immunization coverage while closing gaps in reaching the unvaccinated and […]

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Burkina Faso EOP Report

In November 2017, the USAID Mission in Burkina Faso requested one year of assistance from the Maternal and Child Survival Program (MCSP) to prevent epidemics by strengthening surveillance and routine immunization. surveillance, with a focus on meningitis and dengue prevention, preparedness for potential outbreaks, and response. Specifically, the project aimed to achieve the following: scale-up […]

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