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Supporting Quality of Care Improvements through Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene

MCSP worked to improve health care facility WASH conditions and practices to contribute to quality of care (QoC) improvements and reductions of maternal and newborn infections through MCSP’s innovative Clean Clinic Approach. This report highlights experiences from four MCSP country programs (Haiti, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Guatemala, and Nigeria) that used WASH investments as […]

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L’approche centre de santé assaini pour l’eau, l’assainissement et l’hygiène (EAH) en République Démocratique du Congo (DRC)

Ce document explique la mise en oeuvre de l’approche « centre de santé assaini » (CSA) pour renforcer les services d’eau, d’assainissement et d’hygiène en DRC, où MCSP a travaillé en collaboration avec le Ministère de la Santé (MSP) depuis 2015. Le CSA vise à renforcer l’accès aux services EAH tout en améliorant l’adhésion aux […]

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Monitoring Environmental Health in Maternal and Newborn Health Programs In Health Care Facilities

Many health care facilities in low-and middle-income countries have substandard water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) facilities and lack adequate infection prevention and control items, policies, protocols, and behaviors. These inadequate conditions lead to higher rates of health care acquired infections and increased rates of morbidity and mortality. The objectives of this brief are to review […]

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Tools for Improving Quality of Care for Mothers and Newborns: A Review and Gap Analysis of Critical Environmental Conditions

MCSP has worked to improve the care provided for mothers and their newborns during antenatal care, labor and delivery, postnatal care, child health, immunization, and family planning services through quality of care (QoC) and quality improvement (QI) programs. While many QoC/QI training and implementation tools are available, many do not describe the critical conditions necessary […]

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USAID’s Maternal and Child Survival Program, Ghana: End-of-Project Report

MCSP’s pre-service education (PSE) (including eLearning) and Community-Based Health Planning and Services (CHPS) program started in Ghana in October 2014 and ended in June 2019. During this time, MCSP developed a 5-year work plan to expand PSE support to all midwifery, community health nursing, public health nursing, general nursing, and medical assistant training schools in […]

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Final Report: USAID’s Maternal and Child Survival Program (MCSP) Guatemala

In Guatemala, to improve the nutritional and health status of women of reproductive age and children under five, MCSP introduced and implemented quality-centered health and nutrition interventions in 30 priority municipalities of the Western Highlands. The Program worked to increase coverage and utilization of evidence-based, sustainable, high-quality, Ministry of Health-supported reproductive, maternal, newborn, and child […]

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Maternal and Child Survival Program