Note: MCSP ended in December 2019. No new content is added to this site.

Revitalizing Access to Permanent Methods

MCSP strives to prevent unintended pregnancies with a continued focus on quality service delivery that expands access to a wide range of voluntary contraceptive options, including permanent methods (PM). Of the 21 countries in which MCSP has supported FP interventions, seven (Rwanda, Nigeria, Tanzania, India, Haiti, Bangladesh, and Togo) included PM activities at the request […]

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MCSP Community Health Contributions Series

MCSP advocated for institutionalizing community health as part of national health systems, strengthening the capacity of community health workers (CHWs), and supporting community infrastructure in partnership with country governments and civil society organizations. These briefs comprise an eight-part series developed by MCSP to review and understand the processes of community engagement in MCSP-supported countries and […]

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Maternal and Child Survival Program