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Building Community Health Worker Capacity in Egypt

USAID’s flagship Maternal and Child Survival Program (MCSP), or the Improving Maternal, Child Health and Nutrition (IMCHN) project, as it is known in Egypt, has worked in close collaboration with Egypt’s Ministry of Health and Population (MOHP) since April 2015 to strengthen the national community health worker (CHW) program. The MOHP established Egypt’s CHW—also known […]

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MCSP Egypt – Improving Maternal, Child Health and Nutrition Project

MCSP, known in Egypt as Improving Maternal, Child Health and Nutrition, or IMCHN, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Population, undertook a two-pronged approach to strengthen the Raedat Refiat (RR) community health worker cadre program: develop a new national strategy and an updated training program to target RR knowledge and skills development to […]

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National Community Health Information Systems in Four African Countries

Using a case study approach, this report describes the design and operations of national Community Health Information Systems (CHIS) in four African countries with the overall goal of informing global and national-level community programming and CHIS stakeholders about CHIS design and functioning in countries and the lessons learned across them. This technical report has three […]

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Program considerations for integration of nutrition and family planning: Beliefs around maternal diet and breastfeeding within the context of the nutrition transition in Egypt

This study used in-depth interviews with pregnant women, lactating women, and nonlactating women to gain an understanding of behaviors, perceptions, and cultural beliefs in relation to maternal dietary intake during pregnancy, lactation, and nonlactation; weight gain during pregnancy; birth spacing; and family planning. To read the full, open access article in Maternal and Child Nutrition, click […]

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Promoting Healthy Behaviors among Egyptian Mothers: A Quasi-Experimental Study of a Health Communication Package Delivered by Community Organizations

This MCSP co-authored article, published in the journal PLOS ONE, examines how decisions made at the household level—to seek antenatal care or breastfeed, for example—can have a direct impact on the health of mothers and newborns. The SMART Community-based Initiatives program in Egypt worked with community development associations to encourage better household decision-making by training […]

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Exploring why junk foods are ‘essential’ foods and how culturally tailored recommendations improved feeding in Egyptian children

This open access, MCSP co-authored article in the journal Maternal & Child Nutrition focuses on Egypt, where the double burden of malnutrition and rising overweight and obesity in adults mirrors the transition to westernized diets and a growing reliance on energy-dense, low-nutrient foods. This study utilized the trials of improved practices (TIPs) methodology to gain an understanding of the […]

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