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Association of Volunteer Communication Mobilizers’ Polio-Related Knowledge and Job-Related Characteristics With Health Message Delivery Performance in Kano District of Nigeria

Publish Date: July 2016
Author: Rabia Sadat, Abu Mohd Naser

Volunteer communication mobilizers (VCMs) were deployed in Nigeria to increase community awareness for polio vaccination. To understand whether VCMs’ knowledge and job-related characteristics were associated with performance, the authors conducted a cross-sectional survey in the Nassarawa and Ungogo Local Governance Areas (LGAs). They asked VCMs about the consequences of polio, preventive strategies, and health communication messages to assess knowledge, and considered VCMs’ performance satisfactory if they delivered more messages during their last visit, and knew the number of <5 children and neonates in their settlement. The authors used t-tests to compare continuous and chi-square tests for categorical variables, and ran linear and ordinal logistic regression to understand if knowledge and job-related characteristics were associated with performance.

To read the full, open access article in the journal Global Health Communication, click here.