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Community Health Worker Coverage and Capacity Tool

Publish Date: September 2019
Author: MCSP

The Community Health Worker (CHW) Coverage and Capacity Tool (C3) was designed as an operational tool following the release of the CHW Reference Guide, notably Chapter 7 on CHW Roles and Responsibilities.

C3 is an Excel-based tool that models options for CHW allocation and engagement. It can support planners to (1) estimate the number of CHWs required to efficiently carry out specified health interventions, or (2) define, rationalize, and optimize the effective level of coverage for and mix of activities/interventions that a set number of CHWs can undertake at a given geographic scale (project, subnational, national). The C3 tool application involves an iterative decision making process by CHW program managers and planners in making assumptions and creating scenarios related to CHW workload optimization.

The generic C3 Tool can be downloaded here to apply to different country contexts and needs. For instructions on the usage of the tool, please refer to the C3 Tool User Guide and review this C3 Tool Example. 


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