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Estimating Gestational Age and Counseling Antenatal Care Clients in the Context of Zika: Using the MCSP Zika Pregnancy Wheel

Publish Date: August 2017
Author: MCSP

Estimating gestational age (GA) and expected date of delivery (EDD) are critical components of care for all antenatal care (ANC) and intrapartum care clients. The safe and effective delivery of time-dependent interventions in pregnancy depends on having a correct understanding of a pregnancy’s GA. Pregnancy wheels can help health providers and their clients understand how far along a pregnancy has progressed. Accurate and precise GA estimation also contributes to better diagnosis of preterm birth, and can facilitate birth preparedness and complication readiness by helping clients to estimate timing of their birth.

Providers caring for women who live in, travel to, or have partners that travel to areas with active Zika virus transmission, can use the MCSP Zika Pregnancy Wheel as a job aid for counseling clients on key aspects of Zika infection prevention and management as well as estimating GA. This brief presents a summary of the counseling points on the MCSP Zika Pregnancy Wheel, as well as guidance on how to use pregnancy wheels in general.

This resource available for download in English, Portuguese, French, Haitian Creole  and Spanish

The MCSP Zika Pregnancy Wheel is available for download here.