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Ghana Early Childhood Development Toolkit

Publish Date: June 2018
Author: MCSP

Early Childhood development (ECD) is a low-cost intervention that supports young children’s development across physical, cognitive, language and socio-emotional domains. MCSP has introduced ECD sessions in communities in Ghana to improve the lives of newborn babies and their mothers.

The Ghana Early Childhood Development Toolkit includes a:

  • Training of Trainers (TOT) Guide – provides structured and effective training for government or partner organization staff who will in turn be training the 0–3 ECD facilitators on the MCSP 0–3 ECD Toolkit In Ghana the TOT Guide is designed for the staff of the Ghana Health Services, Ministry of Gender and Children and other government agencies with ECD mandate.
  • ECD Flip Charts – used during caregiver meetings alongside the Parenting Sessions Manual. The flip charts contain pictures on one side and reflection questions, key messages and suggested activities on the other side. During caregiver group meetings and trainings, the flip charts are used for discussion to introduce a topic and emphasize important messages and activities.
  • ECD Parenting Sessions Manual– leads the CHO/CHV or other service provider through each step of the caregiver (“caregivers” refers to parents as well as other adults who provide routine supervision and caretaking) training. It provides information about training materials, learning objectives, achieving learning objectives, key messages from each session and most importantly, various games or activities which caregivers learn during the group meeting and later practice at home. The Parenting Sessions Manual is the main resource, used alongside the flip charts, during parent group meetings.