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HIV Index Testing and Partner Services: A Training Course for HIV Testing Providers

Publish Date: December 2019
Author: MCSP

Partner notification is a voluntary process where trained service providers ask HIV-positive index clients about their sexual partners, their drug-injecting partners, and their children. Then with the consent of the HIV-positive index client, the service provider offers these partners (and children, where applicable) voluntary HIV testing.

This training course is designed for HIV testing providers working in health facilities and community HIV testing services (HTS) settings. The course builds on each learner’s past knowledge and experience, and takes advantage of the individual’s high motivation to accomplish the learning tasks in a minimum amount of time. Training emphasizes doing, not just knowing, and uses competency-based evaluation of performance.

A Facilitator’s Guide is available here for assisting learners in acquiring the knowledge and skills necessary for competently and confidently providing index testing to reach partners of people living with HIV with HIV testing services.

A Learner’s Workbook is available here for learners to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to provide index testing and partner services (or index testing) competently and confidently to reach partners of people living with HIV with HIV testing services.