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MCSP Zika Response: Scoping Visit Assessment Tool

Publish Date: May 2018
Author: MCSP

From November 2017 through January 2018, the MCSP Zika Response Team conducted scoping visits to five countries in the English-speaking Caribbean to better understand country health systems, identify priority cross-cutting and technical areas, and discuss potential MCSP approaches to strengthen the Zika virus response, in consultation with ministries of health and other stakeholders. The adaptable scoping visit tool developed for these visits is included here and may be useful to stakeholders conducting future health system assessments related to outbreaks of ZIKV or other communicable diseases. This tool, designed to facilitate systematic collection of information during rapid assessment visits, should not be used to replace a more in-depth assessment of health system capacity, when such an assessment is warranted. When possible, a summary of results should be shared back to primary sources for verification of information.


MCSP Zika Response: Scoping Visit Assessment Tool (542 downloads )