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Redefining Immunization: Not Just a Shot in the Arm

Publish Date: August 2016
Author: Nancy Anderson, Nana Wilson, Tamica Moon, Natalia Kanem, Amad Diop, Erick Gbodossou

The persistence and periodic resurgence of vaccine-preventable diseases have raised questions about the determinants of poor immunization coverage. In Sub-Saharan Africa, traditional health practitioners (THPs) play a major role in providing health care and health education, particularly in rural areas where Western health care is unavailable. The project, Immunization Advocacy: Saving Lives of Africa’s Children, funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, was carried out in three countries, Benin, Nigeria, and Senegal, with THPs and other community-based leaders to gain insight into their basic knowledge, attitudes, and perceptions about immunization. In this article, the authors present the results from the Senegal study.

To read the full, open access article in the journal Global Health Communication, click here.