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Social Accountability Resources and Tools

Publish Date: February 2017
Author: Sandra Wilcox, David Shanklin

Civil society organizations (CSOs) are increasingly joining forces with public health personnel at the local and national levels to provide greater scrutiny of programs and budgets. Described as “social accountability,” common themes include: preparation and planning; involvement of marginalized and impoverished populations; identification of barriers for effective participation; interface meetings between civil society and governmental/public sector; measureable indicators of accountability and health outcomes; and rigorous evaluations of interventions.

These social accountability resources and tools are intended to assist CSOs, non-governmental organizations, and government health program planners, managers and staff to identify and adapt existing guides and tools for effective social accountability strategies. The materials are divided into four sections:

  • Global/general social accountability resources and tools;
  • Country/regional social accountability resources and tools;
  • Citizen/community monitoring of health services; and
  • Participatory budgeting and public expenditure tracking.

Social Accountability Resources and Tools (4565 downloads )