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Variations in the Uptake of Routine Immunization in Nigeria: Examining Determinants of Inequitable Access

Publish Date: July 2016
Author: Comfort Z. Olorunsaiye, Hannah Degge

Globally, immunization prevents an estimated 2–3 million deaths among under-5 children, yet in Nigeria, only 25% of children ages 12–23 months are fully immunized. There are also marked disparities in the uptake of immunizations, largely attributable to the context within which families live and seek health care. The authors assessed the individual and state determinants of child immunization in Nigeria and used multilevel logistic regression to estimate the odds of full immunization among 5,561 children aged 12–23 months, with their mothers clustered in the 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory (level 2).

To read the full, open access article in the journal Global Health Communication, click here.