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What to Know about Your CCEOP Application and Deploying Cold Chain Equipment

Publish Date: December 2018
Author: MCSP

With one in five children in low- and middle-income countries still not fully vaccinated and thus at risk of preventable, life-threatening illnesses, immunization programs are under pressure to increase coverage and improve performance and efficiency. Populations are growing and immunization supply chains (iSCs) are facing constraints in reliable, optimal and sufficient cold chain equipment (CCE) and transport to accommodate ever-increasing volumes and varieties of vaccines, vial presentations, and cold chain requirements.

To address these iSC challenges, Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, developed its Cold Chain Equipment Optimization Platform (CCEOP). The CCEOP addresses the supply and demand for optimal CCE, generation of demand by countries for technologically innovative and appropriate CCE, and stimulation of the market to respond to that demand with affordable and accessible equipment.

MCSP is providing technical assistance to the ministries of health in Tanzania and Mozambique in the application processes. These two countries are at different stages of the CCEOP application, approval and equipment deployment process. This document aims to highlight experiences in both countries in an effort to provide insights and lessons learned for other countries eligible for CCEOP.

What to Know about Your CCEOP Application and Deploying Cold Chain Equipment: Lessons from Tanzania and Mozambique (1310 downloads )