Note: MCSP ended in December 2019. No new content is added to this site.

Social Accountability Resources and Tools

Civil society organizations (CSOs) are increasingly joining forces with public health personnel at the local and national levels to provide greater scrutiny of programs and budgets. Described as “social accountability,” common themes include: preparation and planning; involvement of marginalized and impoverished populations; identification of barriers for effective participation; interface meetings between civil society and governmental/public […]

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Child Survival and Health Grants Program

Ending preventable child and maternal deaths (EPCMD) is a bold vision—one inspired by impressive progress made since 1990, yet much remains to be accomplished. Every day in 2015, 17,000 more children will live and 650 more mothers will survive childbirth than in the past. However, another 17,000 children and 800 mothers continue to die each day around the globe.* […]

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Maternal and Child Survival Program